WCEC in collaboration with Swartland Municipality and Yzerfontein Tourism

The West Coast Explorers Club Official Activity Guide & Route Map is the perfect way to explore the top sites, and to navigate and discover all that Yzerfontein has to offer; it‘s like talking to a local!

Explore the ultimate West Coast town with her 16 Mile Beach, the longest uninterrupted beach on the South African coastline. Discover the beauty of the Urban Conservancy situated close to the Darling Wine Route, and which borders the West Coast National Park. The beautiful scenery and mild climate of Yzerfontein lends itself to all sorts of amazing attractions and activities, especially of the outdoor variety. In the cooler months we enjoy many a pleasant winter’s day and in the summer there is no shortage of hot sunny days made special by that amazing holiday feeling and golden sunsets.

The West Coast Explorers Club aims to promote our beautiful town and to introduce our visitors to its many attractions. We are offering a bicycle hire service, with bicycle stands in strategic places outside those activities, attractions and businesses where visitors can park their bicycles whilst spending time at their desired destinations. Some of our bicycle station destinations include: 16 Mile Beach (Main Beach), the Harbour, the Tourism Office “Die Vishuis”, Schaap Island, Swemgat (Dasseneiland Drive), the Bewarea Labyrinth and Yzerfontein’s National Monuments, the Lime Kilns.

WCEC’s homebase, Blikaspaai, is located at the vibrant Villa Fontana Shopping Village. Owner, Milani Dearlove first fell in love with this coastal town in 1999. WCEC was born from the dream to share all the beauty that Yzerfontein has to offer, for visitors to meet the locals, explore, discover and capture the very essence that makes Yzerfontein unique.

Soak up the Sun, smell the sea and fill your camera. Ride your adventure using our network of bicycle stations around town so you can enjoy Yzerfontein from a different perspective.

T: 022 451 2114
E: hello@wcexplorersclub.co.za
W: wcexplorersclub.co.za
A: Blikaspaai, Villa Fontana Shopping Village, 1 Lutie Katz Drive, Yzerfontein.
Bicycle Hire Rate: R180 per day

Monday – Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00

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